How Lovely Linen Options Can Make For A Lovely Hotel Stay For Your Guests

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Perhaps you’re a hotel manager preparing to host a big convention. Perhaps you’re a maître d attempting to manage a particularly big party. Perhaps you’re a head chef charged with preparing a big meal for either of those scenarios, or perhaps both. Either way, amidst the all the attention you’re paying to the big things, you start to notice a few small complaints here and there about stains and smells and, sure enough, you find soiled tablecloths, towels, and restaurant attire all still in use.

The moral of this story? You may not think linens are all that important, but the fact of the matter is we encounter them all day, every day, and luxuriously soft and clean linens can make a stay in a restaurant, hotel, or spa that much more soothing. Soiled linens are sure to spoil your guests’ mood and your business. No matter your industry, you want your linens to be as spotless as your reputation.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. The right linens can add a much needed dash of class to any interior. That said, the balancing act between durable and delicate is one of the most difficult to maintain. Finding that balance is one of the great keys to finding the best linen options for your restaurant and here are a few keys to do just that.

Hotel Sheets and Linen

When guests check into a hotel room, what’s the first thing they do? In many cases, they flop down on the bed for a bit of much needed rest and relaxation. As a result, one of the first impressions they’re liable to get of the quality of your establishment is that bed, and if that first impression is a poor one, poor business is soon to follow.

When it comes to selecting the best possible hotel sheets, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, you naturally want your bedding to be nice and soft. You’ll want to look into things such as the weave and thread count, both of which are industry shorthand for telling you the fabric and softness. Percale and sateen are the two most prominent weave patterns to look for in luxury linens: chances are, if you find either of them listed, you’re on the right track. In terms of your thread count, the general rule of thumb is the higher, the softer, and thus the better, but you’ll want to look into the other elements on this list to be sure. Higher thread counts also mean thinner threads, which can make for softer and more delicate sheets, but can likewise mean linens that tear more easily. Egyptian cotton is one of the most commonly-used materials among the softer bedding options, and is perfect for luxury bedding in luxurious hotels. In terms of your pillow cases, the question is as clear—silk or satin? —as it is complex. There are virtues to both choices, and it really comes down to the kind of feel you want your luxury bedding to have, both literally and figuratively.

Then there’s the matter of laundering your linens. While you certainly want your linens to be elegant, you likewise need options that won’t stain easily or permanently, given that they’ll be used with regularity. Companies such as Johnsons Stalbridge hotel linen hire out only the best in this regard, and are well worth your attention.

Hotel Towels and Robes

After that short spell on the bed, next up for guests is a trip to the bathroom to freshen up. Here again, you need to take a look at options which strike a balance between being delicate and soft and durable over multiple uses. Where you likely want to skew a bit towards prioritising softness and delicacy in bedding, when it comes to items such as your towels and bathrobes, you want to go the other way and look for fabrics that are sturdier. You generally want to find linens that have a base sturdiness while still being fluffy to the touch.

Restaurant Décor (Serviettes and Tablecloths)

One of the most important elements of any fine dining establishment is its décor. Dinner out is half about the meal and half about the ambience, and your décor goes a long way towards determining the latter. The same holds true for a hotel room of sorts, since no one wants to walk into his or her hotel room and find it cold, dingy and unwelcoming, so these are a few tips to liven up a hotel restaurant with linens.

For starters, you want to make sure that whatever the room, your items complement one another in terms of material and pattern. If you’re decorating a room, you want some degree of coordination in your different bedding and pillowcase linens. Then there’s the all-important question of colour. White is a traditionally classic colour, in part because it’s simply chic and in part because it shows stains easily so clean white sheets equal a clean room.

In terms of restaurant décor within your hotel, you can afford to be a bit more adventurous, and in fact you probably should be. Again, you want to create a unique ambience, and simple white cloth serviettes and tablecloths may not cut it. Coordinating the colour of your linen options with your carpeting and walls can be a great way of creating a sense of cohesion without making your choices seem random.

Restaurant and Chef Attire

Now that you’ve decked out your restaurant in linen finery, it’s time to start thinking about the formal dress that the staff will be wearing. As with your serviette and tablecloth options in the restaurant area and bedding in your rooms, coordination is key. Solid whites and blacks are the most popular options here, especially among chefs. Ask yourself if your chefs are going to be on display a bit, making the food live before guests, or do you see them as more of an anonymous force? Here again the question of delicacy versus durability rears its head. If they’re going to be on display, you’ll want your chefs’ clothing to be cut in a bit of a showier fashion, while those that stick to the kitchens can stick to more durable options.

Welcome your guests into a world of luxury with lovely linen options like no other.

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