A Guide to Touring Bangkok on a Budget


Bangkok is a unique city in so many ways, with a strangely alluring combination of old and new that cannot be found anywhere else. One of the great things about the sprawling metropolis is you can find accommodation to suit every budget, and if you are planning to visit Bangkok on a limited budget, here are a few top tips.

Enjoy Bangkok Street Food

Some of the best food in Bangkok can be found at the tiny street stalls that seem to appear as soon as the sun disappears, with noodles to die for, BBQ chicken with a difference and satay pork with an amazing sauce. You can sit on the sidewalk and watch the world go by and your meal won’t cost you more than a couple of dollars, if that, plus you will get meet like-minded travellers and some locals.

Great Accommodation

There are many affordable short-term hotels in Ekkamai, Bangkok that are ideal for the budget traveller and they can easily be booked online. Many have rooftop gardens where you can relax in the evening and take in a unique view of the city, while enjoying a cold beer and a tasty Thai snack. Sukhumvit Road runs from Nana Plaza right up to Prakanong and this is the best area to stay, as it is central and the BTS Skytrain has stops along this route.

Getting Around

While Bangkok has thousands of taxis, you can travel cheaply if you use the BTS Skytrain, plus if you are up for an adventure, why not check out the buses? The canals of Bangkok permeate through every section of the city and riding a boat taxi allows you to see how the locals live, which is a real insight. If you purchase a street map, you can head out for an expedition to explore the city and it is not impossible to live on 30 dollars a day, and that includes your hotel.

Learning the Language

While English is spoken in hotels and major tourist attractions, the majority of Thai people do not speak English, and even if you are only planning to stay a couple of weeks, learning some basic Thai phrases will make your trip that much more enjoyable. Certainly, you should learn numbers from 1-1,000 and that will help when paying for things, and the local people are very warm and friendly and are happy to talk to foreigners.

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