5 Best Restaurants in Belize

Restaurants in Belize

Belize is a little nation with loads of flavors. Since the nation is home to different societies and ethnicities, guests can test numerous kinds of cooking styles that exploit nearby fixings. From Mestizo & Mayan to Kriol and Garifuna, Belizean food is scrumptious.

Common dishes incorporate fry jacks (a kind of singed bread), beans and rice made with curry chicken, coconut milk, hudut, and different fish dishes that utilize the nation’s entrance to fish like lobster, conch, and various other fish.

Fortunately, foodie explorers can test a significant number of these dishes in the restaurants of Belize. To ensure you just test the best, here are our 5 top eateries in Belize.

  1. Elvi’s Kitchen

Elvi’s Kitchen is one of the great food places on Ambergris Caye. Gourmet specialist/proprietor Elvia Staines along with her girl Jennie, has been running the restaurant shops run of the mill best food in San Pedro, Belize for a long time. These 2 are neighborhood superstars and the café has won a few honors. Make certain to test their Belizean crab paws, singed chicken with beans and rice, and spread poached grouper with corn and beet sauce and cooked corn, habanero relish.

Here is a resource where you can find more San Pedro based food stops:


  1. Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro

This hotel is passed on probably the best café in Belize and, it’s been named Belize’s eatery of the year twice. The food is a French turn on conventional Belizean charge, and the open air seating territory is directly on the sea shore, just strides from the Caribbean Sea. Request the coconut shrimp and the simmered pumpkin coconut green stew soup to begin, and lobster flame broiled cheddar (with brie, cheddar, and brunoise) and layered veggies (cooked onions, potatoes, and jalapeño tofu aioli and plantains along with a tomato vinaigrette) for a primary course.

  1. Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café

The metal build sign Chef Rob’s outside in Hopkins is produced using 1964 red Peugeot, however, don’t stress: You will get more than french foods in Rob Pronk. His oeuvre is a varied mix of fish, Belizean top picks, and American dishes. The administration is top notch. Rob’s restaurant is friendly. Love on the Rocks serves meals prepared on 700 degree magma slabs. Costly meals.

  1. Sahara Grill

Belizean cooking incorporates a sound portion of Middle Eastern impact, because of the little however settled Lebanese people group in Belize. In case you’re on the chase for bona fide shawarmas, hummus, kebabs, and gyros, the most delicious and most reasonable renditions you’ll discover are at Sahara Grill. The eatery, opposite the Best Western Biltmore, probably won’t look like much all things considered, yet that rapidly turns into an inaccessible concern once you delve into one of the delightful platters.

  1. Tutti Frutti

The last spot you’d hope to discover true Italian gelato is in a little Creole town toward the finish of the Placencia Peninsula, yet Tutti Frutti, run by Italian expats, may serve the best gelato between New York and Buenos Aires. From the much of the time changing rainbow of hand crafted flavors, attempt the soursop, banana, mango, coconut, or crunchy Nutella.

In The End:

Belize is a charming new culinary goal. Culinary experts utilize new fish from the Caribbean, vegetables, and herbs from natural nurseries and tropical organic products from neighborhood markets to make culture mixing dishes. You will without a doubt have incredible food involvement with our above mentioned 5 top food spots throughout the Belize nation.



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