Faro, Portugal: Where To Find The Best Dining

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The capital of Algarve has a lot to offer for tourists who are craving for rich culture, good food, and an amazing view anywhere you look. A home to a gorgeous coastline of different islands and beaches, the Ilha de Faro and Ilha da Barreta, is the nest of an eye-catching marine life. It is a crime to avoid enjoying watersports such as jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling or wakeboarding if you are more adventurous. It also boasts of plazas, parks, churches and museums that hold an amount of history that will leave anyone curious and excited.

Faro is a university town where students comprise dense population. It also makes the place a hub of cafés, theaters, and nightlife. To make sure that you get to experience all of these without wasting precious time, getting around the city may be easier if you book a car rental service at Faro Airport. In addition, it may be difficult to do anything and go anywhere if your belly is empty. Here are the top restaurants you should check out in between touring the city and relaxing at sea.

República Gourmet

Faro can be definitely proud of this local restaurant. It will give comfort to anyone looking for exclusivity or an introvert on vacation. It seats only 24 guests. One couple runs the entire restaurant. República entices you with home cooking away from home. Their best dishes are the simplest. Seafood entrees like stuffed prawn and cornucopia of fish with ingredients fetched from Faro’s backyard of beaches and the caldeirada stew will keep you coming back for more.


If you want a perfect date, this is the place to be romantic. It sits on Ilha Deserta, and is the lone resident of the island. While it is not easily accessible because you will have to take a boat from the marina to get here, every minute spent travelling is totally worth it. Approximately three hundred species of rare birds embraces the solitary location with a magnificent view of the sea. It serves the freshest seafood like crabs, clams, sea bass, etc. You may request them to cook their catch of the day.

Le Marquis

North away from the ocean is a different but exquisite dining place. Here, you can experience a mansion-like diner with interior design that just feels like home. The restaurant has a beautiful garden on a hilltop with a nice scene of the countryside. However, ambiance does not compromise their dishes, as they never fail to impress with one-of-a-kind fusions like their signature oxtail-stuffed squid and culinary classics like venison fillets and calf cheeks. Sunday afternoons are also a regular treat not only for tourists but also for locals because of the traditional roast in the Algarve.

Adega Nova

Dining here will not just let you taste the best Portuguese dishes but it will also let you digest its history. This restaurant was built within a 19th century warehouse located in an old chapel. It is famous among the locals because of a menu that captures the taste buds of its customers. Who doesn’t want to cook his own steak? There is an option to cook your steak by ordering the bife na pedra.

While there is still more to explore in this side of the Algarve, keeping an itinerary and making it to the places in the list will give you ample time to check out other local restaurants. Authentic food will make you intimately connected to Faro, its people, and its charm.

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