Horse riding in Iceland: interesting fact’s

Horse riding

Short, stocky as well as shaggy they might be– but do not judge Icelandic steeds with their looks. Thoroughbred given that the Vikings brought them here 1,000 years ago, this endemic breed is popular for being extremely easy to ride. Many thanks to the equines’ relaxed as well as trustworthy natures, amateurs and pro-riders alike may quickly saddle up and run around Iceland’s snow-spotted lava areas, wide icy lakes as well as glacier-topped volcanos.

From the midnight sunlight to the northern lights, this severe west edge of Europe provides riding problems like no place else on earth. Where else can you avoid to the Arctic Circle? The drama of this chilly and subtropical island is just enhanced by its own seclusion. Country Iceland is so densely inhabited that you’ll hear is the noise of unguis mauling the earth or snow, the barking sea waves, in addition to the occasional chirp of a coastal bird.

What’s special about Icelandic equines?

They are clever, sweet-natured, and also simple to manage. On top of that, these horses might fly. Not actually, clearly. Skeið (‘ flying rate’) is a two-beat, side race stride of as much as 50 mph.

Icelanders are enthusiastic about their steeds (not call them horses!) As well as they’re reproduced all across the country. In a land where horses exceed individuals by 3 right into one, these trusty horses continue to be a significant part of life. When streets are blocked by snow, horses have been made use of rather than cars and trucks. It’s practice for communities to hop on horseback each springtime, to help farmers around up their roaming sheep.

When should I go steed riding in Iceland?

Nevertheless, some stables run expeditions year-round. Winter months brings hefty snow to the north– however don’t let this placed you off. The joy of unguis kicking up powder-snow, and the low winter months sunlight tinging the scenery pink, will cause an expedition you will certainly never fail to remember. By nighttime, you could even find on your own looking up in the Northern Lights.

It’s possible to identify short adventures onto your trip to Iceland at any time of year. The quickest last for one hr, a day-ride is generally 4. Schedule multi-day tours well beforehand.

Where can I ride Icelandic horses?

Riding stables are most greatly gathered in the mild Golden Circle, the location round Reykjavik in the south-west. The next most preferred area is the north, in the arctic landscapes bordering Iceland’s’ second city’,” Akureyri. Wherever you select, you will certainly be spoilt for amazing surroundings.


Take in the wild of the south-west on among Hestaland’s famous afar. You will certainly circumnavigate 30km daily with a loosened herd of forty to fifty horses. You won’t also need to discard animal comforts: every night that the herd is abandoned in position, as you’re driven back to the homestead for a sound night’s sleep.


Ishestars Horse Center, that has pick-up points throughout Reykjavik, uses one- to five-hour day excursions. Multi-day trips further afield operate springtime to fall. For a remarkable adventure, go nocturnal regarding the latest Midnight Sun trek, in which you ride through the evening as well as rest with the day.

There is a reason why the riding stables Eldhestar translates as’ Volcano Horses’. On horseback, you are going to discover more concerning the sweeping valleys round the busy Hengill volcano. Bubbling below are all-natural warm springs– perfect for calming weary muscular tissues after a day in the saddle.


In the north, half a hr from Akureyri is Polar Hestar. Right here, you have the ability to get on an equine for anything from 1 hour, to a multi-day scenic tour among snowy fjords, coasts, mountains, rivers and rivers.

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