Awesomeness At Its Peak In Bulgaria

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A lot of visitors often believe there isn’t much to expect when they hear or read about Bulgaria. I feel the reason for this is that many people refuse to plan or develop ideas, probably because of the notion that the country is somewhat under the radar. There’s one way to clear all doubts about this extraordinary country,  and you can only do that by getting the next ticket to Bulgaria this coming summer. This article has been designed to get you equipped with some of the things you need to know before setting out, but one thing I can assure you is that Bulgaria is really worth the visit, and you’re going to enjoy every moment.

 There’s more to Bulgaria than its Coast

It wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the country’s coast happens to be the most popular and visited part where there are a lot of tourists all year round, but it would be wrong to just assume that there isn’t more to Bulgaria! There are so many other amazing spots within and around Bulgaria. Of course, Bulgaria’s coast around the Black Sea houses a lot of historic port towns and nice sand beaches, but have you considered the inland coast too? There, you’ll find other fascinating destinations as well. From the cool city of Plovdiv to the former royal capital of Veliko Tarnovo, incoming tourists have the chance to choose from any of the amazing cities they’ll like to explore. Looking at Bulgaria’s dynamic countryside too, you’ll find other smaller locales that haven’t been explored, like the unique Sand Pyramids of Melnik and the Monastery of Dryanovo. There is a lot to Bulgaria, and the only way to enjoy them all is to pay its inhabitants a visit.

Visa and Entry

The fact that Bulgaria is a branch of the European Union does not mean that there is no restricted movement between countries, this is because the country has not yet associated itself with the Schengen Area. This simply means that your trip to Bulgaria will be strictly supervised because you’ll have to obtain a visa and also go through passport control. In the case where you will not be spending over 90 days, you might not need to get a visa.

On the flip side, you may need to get a courier company that’ll help with easy transportation of your parcels within and outside Bulgaria, especially if you aren’t done with your papers yet, but you need to send parcels over to friends and family. Your best choice at this time is ParcelABC courier to ensure a safe, affordable and fast delivery.

Getting Around

You should keep some things in mind if you’re going to be taking public transport during your stay at Bulgaria. While there may be a lot of complaints with the train network, the bus network makes perfect sense, considering the fact that its movement is not restricted and it’s of good value when checking out punctuality. One other thing to note is that the major cities have more than one bus station, so it’s important that you check with the station you’re leaving and the one you’re arriving at.

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