Enjoy The Perfect Sunday Meal

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Whether you find yourself in Bangkok on holiday or for business, you cannot allow yourself to leave without enjoying the delicious cuisine. From the street vendors to the high-class restaurants, you can’t find such tasty food anywhere else. Millions of tourists and expatriates walk through Thailand each year, and they come in part due to the abundance of delicious, exotic food.

You need not stop at Thai food. There are restaurants, such as Kisso Restaurant, that serve authentic Japanese recipes. Every dish is identical to its twin found in Japan, from the quality ingredients to the way in which it is prepared. Some dishes, such as Hokkaido Kinki Fish, are only available for two months of the year! To really enjoy the best tastes of Japan from the beautiful landscapes of Bangkok, you must visit Kisso Restaurant on a Sunday for their glorious buffet.

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Limitless Lunch

When you sit down to a Sunday buffet in Bangkok, you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a unique taste of culinary mastery. Japan is famous for its delicacies because each one is made with the finest ingredients. If you plan to visit Thailand often, it is in your best interest to come on different Sundays throughout the year, as the menus change according to the seasons. Imagine, an unlimited amount of delectable entrees that are never the same twice in a row.

This is unlike any Sunday buffet you might have visited before. The buffet found in a high class, reputable Japanese restaurant will always be a la carte, meaning you can enjoy only what you want brought fresh to your table. Unparalleled dishes, such as snow crab tempura or Hokkaido carpaccio, will send your mouth watering before you take your first bite.

As if this were not luxurious enough, you will have access to deliciously strong sake, or Japanese rice wine, throughout your meal. This wonderful wine is so strong it is served only in small, traditional dishes that hold an ounce at a time. Between the food and the wine, you will surely have a meal worth remembering.

Bangkok Awaits

No matter what your reasons may be for visiting Bangkok this year, your stomach should not go without a proper meal during your stay. There are many restaurants dotting Bangkok’s busy streets, and you deserve only the highest quality. If this is your first visit overseas, it is especially essential that you take the time to spoil yourself. After all, how often do you have the opportunity to visit such an exotic country and enjoy so many different types of authentic cuisine?

It is recommended that you visit a different style of restaurant each day for at least one meal, in order to experience the plethora of different foods available. Once Sunday comes around, the only option on the list should be the local Japanese buffet. Your experience there will be so out of this world that you will find yourself returning year after year just to experience it again. To sample specific Japanese dishes only available during October and November, remember to plan your trip accordingly. After all, you would not want to miss out on one of the best dishes Bangkok has to offer.

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