Top technology wonders by incoming Poland agency.


Poland has many interesting technology monuments and attractions. Visiting them makes every tour more interesting, diverse and original. Such sights should be added to every sightseeing itinerary to Poland. Below you will find the top list of technology wonders by local incoming Poland agency ITS-Poland, that has been operating since 2005 and has lots of experience in organizing group tours to this beautiful, still undiscovered by wider masses of tourists country in the heart of Europe.

Top technology wonders by incoming Poland agency:

  1. Elblag Canal
  2. Wind Mill in Duszniki Zdroj
  3. Guido Coal Mine
  4. Tarnowskie Gory Sliver and Zinc Mine
  5. Gliwice Radio Tower
  6. Kłodawa and Wieliczka Salt Mines
  7. Krynica Zdroj Observation Tower
  8. Graduation Towers
  9. Krzemionki
  10. Prehistoric
  11. Striped Flint
  12. Mining Region
  13. Breweries

UNESCO World Heritage List candidates

Poland is rich in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Our incoming Poland agency says that there are 15 cultural sites and 1 natural site enlisted. Still two more technical attractions are awaiting to enter this most prestigious tourist attractions list. Elblag Canal gives tourists unique opportunity to travel for almost 5-hours from Buczyniec to Elblag along the canal that consists not only of water but also railway tracks where boats travel on seas of grass. The length of Elblag-Ostroda Canal with its tributaries is 151.7 kilometres which makes it the longest navigable canal in the country. The common difference of altitude at water locks and ramps is 103.4 metres. Another UNESCO candidate is historic Paper Mill in Duszniki Zdroj. It is situated in a unique technology monument, the 17th century paper mill (the main building dates back from 1605). Here tourists can observe live show how paper was produced and prepare their own piece of paper according to the old, historic recipe.

Best mines by incoming Poland agency

In recent years we have experienced a real boom for opening old mines to the public. Just to mention a few objects of this type we can name for example Guido Coal Mine, Luisa Drift, Bochnia Salt Mine, Old Mine in Walbrzych, Uranium Mine in Kletno, Gold and Arsenic Mine in Zloty Stok or Krzemionki Flint Mine etc. Our incoming travel agency claims that you should visit Klodawa Salt Mine as it has beautiful pink salt deposits and is the deepest mine open to the public. The sightseeing rout is about 0.5 kilometres underground. Wieliczka Salt Mine is enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List and has beautiful underground salt lakes and salt sculptures with the masterpiece St. Kinga’s Chapel, entirely made of salt. Other mines enlisted by UNESCO include Krzemionki Striped Flint Mine that are a prehistoric monument equal in value to famous Stone Henge and Tarnowskie Gory Silver Mine, where among other attractions tourists can take an underground cruise in the Black Trout Drift.


In all regions of Poland breweries have been gaining importance in recent years. They offer craft beer of very good quality and they rapidly become tourist attractions. Still, our incoming Poland agency recommends visiting two of the biggest and most interesting facilities of this type, both also offering extensive museum exhibitions and possibility of beer tasting. These most interesting breweries can be found in Tychy and Zywiec in the south of Poland. Sightseeing of Tychy Brewery is good to join with sightseeing of Pszczyna Palace and European Bison Sanctuary in Pszczyna as well. Zywiec brewery sightseeing should be joined with Zywiec Castle sightseeing and Zywiec Lake relax.

Wooden marvels

Finally, at the end of our list there are probably the most unique attractions made of wood. First two of them are unique towers. Gliwice Radio Tower is the highest wooden construction in Europe. Its height is 110 metres and it was built in 1935 by the German company Lorenz, from impregnated larch wood, especially resistant to pests and weather conditions. Tourists can see the tower itself and a small museum of the radio. On the other hand, Krynica Zdroj is a new construction promoting ecological style of building and living. It is the first tree-top observation tower didactic path in Poland with a unique wooden structure of 49.5 meters in height. It offers spectacular views of mountainous region of one of the best well known mountain resort towns – Kryniaca Zdroj. Other really unique wooden constructions are brine graduation towers that are located close to salt deposits. They are wooden healing structures located in a few resort towns in Poland. The most interesting structures of this type can be found in Ciechocinek, Inowroclaw, Wieliczka, Busko Zdroj, Grudziądz, Debowiec and Konstancin Jeziorna.

Summing up, our incoming Poland agency clearly proved that there are many technology wonders in Poland and it is really worth to include them in your sightseeing itineraries. There is a huge diversity of various technology monuments and here you can read just about a fraction of them. If you are interested in seeing such monuments, feel free to contact ITS-Poland travel agency and DMC. Professional group advisors will be more than happy to help you to organise your travel adventure in Poland.

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