Four Tips by Thomas Salzano to Stay Healthy While Traveling


Are you ready to take off on your traveling adventure? Well, you’ve already spent a good amount of time planning for your vacation and now are the time to kick-start your traveling journey finally. But did you include “staying healthy” on your to-do list? This might grab your attention and you might have started to re-check your priority travel list.

Obviously, you do not want to ruin your entire trip hurled up in your hotel room because of a viral infection or any other disease. Thomas N Salzano, a travel enthusiast says that every year a lot of travelers cancel their adventurous travel journey because of being sick.

Well, it is a fact that getting acquainted with a new environment while traveling might not be a completely favorable experience. You become more vulnerable to contracting infections and diseases when exposed to a completely new environment especially when your trip involves sopping at different halts. It is thus essential that you take preventive measures whenever planning a trip to stay healthy and make it an experience worth remembering.

“Prevention is better than cure”. We’ve all heard this common phrase but only a few of us understand its significance. This article by Thomas Salzano talks about some useful and effective tips for staying healthy whenever traveling.

Get yourself travel insurance

If you are somebody who loves to travel, the first thing that you should get done is to invest in travel insurance. The catch here is that there are different plans for different types of travelers. Make sure you consult your insurance provider first and then opt for a specific plan. An insurance policy will keep you covered throughout your travel and protect you against any health extremities.

Don’t forget to wash your hands

Take note of this. Keeping your hands clean when in a foreign country is of utmost importance. This tip will help you stay away from harmful diseases and infections. You can also keep a hand sanitizer handy for times when you do not have any other option.

Consult for travel vaccines

Do not ignore this tip. Getting travel vaccines is completely necessary when you are traveling to a foreign land. Travel vaccines will safeguard you against prevalent and harmful infections and keep you healthy throughout your travel. You can visit a walk-in clinic and consult for travel vaccines for a safe vacation.


Traveling means gorging on delicious food delicacies and local cuisine. This will ultimately result in lethargy and tiredness. To stay active and keep the traveling enthusiasm alive, make sure you exercise daily. You might fall prey to food allergies and infections, you should be cautious before you consume anything.

Traveling is an experience that will completely change your perspective towards life. It will provide you with fulfilling adventures and give you memories worth cherishing. According to Thomas Salzano, this is only possible if you stay healthy and then embark on your traveling journey. Make sure that you eat right and exercise regularly to stay fit and agile and make the most of your traveling journey.

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