This 2020 Plan Your Travel Along With Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Every one of us has that one dream vacation on our bucket list. However, it is the planning that can often be a very intimidating and taxing task. Moreover, whether you are on your vacation or a business trip, if planned properly, trips can be relaxing and effortless. Another challenge is the uncertainties and risks associated with new destinations – within the country and abroad. In such cases, availing  travel insurance can seem like an avoidable step, but it can offer many benefits to the ardent traveller.

To help you plan your vacation this 2020, here are a few tips that you should definitely consider:

  • Make a list of the locations you want to travel to, and narrow down the options based on your budget and preferences.
  • Find deals online for the decided destination, and look for bargains that help you fit your travel itinerary in the decided budget.
  • Try saving more once you have decided on a budget, to avoid having to pay off excessive credit card debts or loans, after the trip.
  • Avail a travel insurance, which would not only offer cover during emergencies, but also a helping hand in a foreign country

Benefits of Availing a Travel Insurance

In today’s times, where your travel itinerary could be hampered by several unforeseeable factors, travel insurance is not only a good option, but also a need. You can receive compensations on flight delays, cancellations, and lost luggage. Moreover, travel insurance also offers cover for hospital and hotel accommodations and round the clock assistance, which might come very handy in a foreign country. Covering almost all aspects of your trip, a comprehensive travel insurance policy can make it possible for you to enjoy a stress-free time while you are away.

Features of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

 While most travel insurance policies offer cover for the important aspects of your trip and support during emergencies, Bharti AXA insurance policy takes it a notch up. While regular travellers can opt for one-time travel insurance policy, frequent travellers can go for an annual policy that covers all trips taken within the tenure.

Some of the salient features offered by Bharti AXA travel insurance include:

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Assistance for Financial Emergencies
  • Cover for loss of passport or documents
  • Cover for loss of luggage
  • Trip Delay/Cancellation Cover
  • Loss of Deposit – Airline and Hotels

Along with these features, Bharti AXA travel insurance also covers your home in India for any damages or loss of valuables while you are away on your trip. With these benefits, you can be ensured of a worry-free trip from the moment you take off, till you are back home.

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