“A Double Visit To The Denver Downtown Aquarium”

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Friends and relatives of mine have spoken wonders about the Denver Downtown Aquarium. When I had the opportunity to visit Colorado and my travels brought me to Denver. I jumped at the chance to visit the iconic aquarium because of my friend’s praises. I just had to know if the place was as impressive as everyone said. I should never have doubted my friends and family— the aquarium is absolutely worth visiting. If you live in Denver, or have the good luck to head out there, make sure you swing by the Downtown Aquarium and indulge in the memorable experiences they offer. Out of the nine exhibits, I visited the North America exhibit first. I learned a lot about the various aquatic habitats. The creatures that lived throughout the continent. I also got to see many fish and invertebrates that I hadn’t even realized existed. Afterward, I went to an exhibit you might think strange to find in an aquarium: the desert habitat.

The explanations and visuals were fascinating. They helped me discover more about the animals living in the desert and how they adapt to heat and the lack of water. From there, I went back to a more water-related exhibit called ‘At the Wharf’. There I saw how anemones, rockfish and other invertebrates, deal with the changing environment created by the ocean. There was even a tiger rockfish that I was able to view up close. Because of time constraints, I had to skip other shows so I would have time to see the famous Mystic Mermaids show. That might sound childish to you, but the women dressed up as mermaids entertained the audience with fancy, talented moves. I even forgot that the point of the show was to teach children about the importance of recycling and the need to conserve natural habitats. When the show ended, I was starving and went to the

aquarium’s restaurant. I had the pleasure of sitting at a table with a fantastic view of the 50,000-gallon aquarium and the beautiful tropical fish circling within. I was lucky, too, because I got to watch a diver drop into the tank to give food to the fish—the feeding frenzy he created was a sight to behold. I also got to enjoy a first -class meal, and I loved the seafood they served. My fun in Denver was interrupted by a business-related emergency that required me to immediately fly away from Denver. Since I had traveled to Colorado by car, I think I made the best choice by parking my car for a few days using the new DIA Airport Parking service. When I returned back to Denver from my hectic business trip a couple days after. I needed to have fun and wanted nothing more than to explore the Downtown Aquarium further. That meant that within a single week I visited Denver’s amazing aquarium twice. Now I’m ready to sing its praises to everyone I meet.

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