A Khasab Camping Trip Offers An Unforgettable Cultural Experience

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Musandam is one of the most scenic regions of Oman. The Omani island is remote from the rest of Oman as it is surrounded by the UAE. If you wish to get away from the grasp of civilisation, this is the ideal getaway.

Sleep Out Under the Stars

Not only can you tour the area in a dhow, but you can also even sleep out under the stars. Experience romantic beach nights and prepare yourself for a one of a kind holiday. Outdoor camping is offered on a magical beach within the Musandam Fjords. Its remote location offers privacy as well a special sense of magic – a feeling that can only be experienced in this part of the world.

Tour Amenities

Tour packages offer such amenities as a full day dhow cruise tour, including lunch, swimming and snorkelling, dolphin watching, overnight camping, and a day of relaxation on a white pristine beach. Dinner often consists of barbecued fish or chicken marinated in delectable herbs and seasonings.

The Ideal Getaway

This kind of cruise package, which includes Khasab camping, is the ideal way to truly experience the romance and magic of the Musandam area. Both families and couples are mesmerised by this type of cruise offering.

The dhow used for cruising also has an interesting history. The dhow is a general name for one of various sailing vessels that feature lateen sales and one or more masts. Historians often argue about the invention of the dhow – whether it was invented by the Indians or Arabs.

The cruise ships used today in the Musandam region are also used as trading vessels, primarily for the conveyance of fresh water, merchandise, and produce. Dhows are seen along the Arab coasts as well as shores of East Africa, South Asia, India, and Yemen. Small dhows feature crews of about 12 people, whilst bigger dhows can have about thirty members in their crews.

True Sailing Vessels

In the present day, dhows are used for cruises and commercial trading, using only sails as a means of propulsion. Commercial boats frequently sail south in the winter propelled by monsoon winds and arrive, again, in the Arab states in the early summer.

The Various Kinds of Dhows

Dhows are known by different names. The traditional name for the deep-sea dhow is the baghlah, a translation of the word mule in Arabic. The bagarah is yet another kind of dhow. Its name comes from the Arabic word for cow. A small dhow is a barijah, and a boum or dhangi is a bigger-sized dhow with a tapering stern and more symmetrical shape. A jalibut is a kind of dhow, as is a pattamar (a type of Indian dhow). The boum features a very high prow. The jahazi is a dhow that is used off the Swahili Coast.

A Unique Sailing and Camping Adventure

With its historical background and ornate and colourful appearance, a dhow is just one of the reasons that makes a trip to the Mussandam region a unique holiday experience. Your holiday will also feature the foods of the region, as well as the sights and sounds that can only be experienced on this kind of unique cruise holiday.

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