Journey to the China silk road

China Silk Road Tours

Tourism is one of the most important industries of any country’s GDP and it is one sector that is now significantly marketed by various nations with a view to attract more visitors annually. China places great emphasis on its tourism industry and rightly so as the country is home to some of the finest tourist locations that are worth exploring, experiencing and visiting. Today you have a lot of tourists and guests who visit different parts of China as their tourist destination since these tourist hotbeds provide good value for money to the tourists and they get to experience the vivid and diverse culture as well as spots.

Amongst the different tourist places in the country, the China Silk road is an important location which sees a large number of tourists visit this place every year. The China silk road can be considered as the cultural legacy in the history of the country. There are several ways of travelling through this route which includes comfortable buses, flights and express trains. If you are thinking or planning on visiting this amazing place then it is recommended that you must visit it between March and November to experience the best weather.

Why choose Silk road travel?

The Silk road travel is one of the best tour operators in China and it is a part of its parent group known as Xinjiang China travel. Since the year 2005 the company is a pioneer of the Silk road, West China inbound tourism in the country. The company has provided tour arrangements for more than 10000 travelers and helped them fulfill their long held dream ambition of visiting this legendary route and carry out their adventures through professional, enthusiastic and passionate work. You can choose to go through silk road tours in the country of China and then do an extension through to the central Asia where you can trace footsteps of the famous man Marco Polo.

You can also go through the Silk road caravans and visit various historical sites that includes Buddhism arts of Grottoes and the Mysterious ruins which are Pompeii of Silk road. You can also visit the vibrant folklore of the various minorities and the stunning landscapes through pearl cities of silk road.

The services provided by Silk road travel

When you choose to travel with you get full value for your money in terms of some of the best high quality professional tourism service that you can expect. Some of the highlights or key features that you get when you travel with the Silk road travel are as follows.

Fully customized tour that takes into account your budget as well as travel requirements. You are provided with an experienced and professional travel consultant that has extensive travel experience of visiting every nook and corner of the country. The packages also include cars and private guides to the tour which ensures that you can see whatever you want for as long as you want. This tour operator provides you with local tour operation expertise that has deep insightful network and all resources for immediate response for any of the potential problem or issue that might arise during the tour.

Multiple packages

If you are planning on a China silk road travel then you can find multiple packages at Silk road travel. These packages vary based on the services and pricing. Some of the popular packages that are listed on the website includes 15 Days Silk Road and Tibet Adventure, 14 Days Fascinating Maritime Silk Road to Xi’an Dunhuang and Xinjiang, 21 Days China silk road tour: Beijing to Urumqi, 15 Days China Silk Road Tour from Kashgar to Chengdu and 9 Days Silk Road Tour from Urumqi to Lanzhou by Bullet Train amongst others. Let us have a brief look at one of these packages.

15 Days Silk Road and Tibet Adventure: This is a private tour package for two people who will be accomodated in a 4 star hotel. Some of the highlights and features of this package includes visit to the heavenly and picturesque lake as well as going to the chains of Tianshan Mountains. You can also visit local family of Uyghur and the ancient village of Tuyoq in Turpan.

You can also explore historic Dunhuang city which is located on the borders of Gobi desert. You can also go exploring the markets of Dunhuang which will help you in soaking up the different culture from the western part of China. You can also experience joys of rainbow mountain of Danxia which is located in the region of Zhangye. You also specific itinerary details regarding the different places you are going to visit on each day, your stay, food and other details with this package.

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