A Condo Offering Calm, Family Retreat On The Banks Of The Mabprachan Lake, East Pattaya

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When I found out that my husband loves traveling as much as I do, I was feeling so glad. After traveling all around the world, we said our vows by the sea in sunny Provence. We returned to the USA to spend some time home but we soon became travel-sick. Just a month after we hit the road again I found out that I was pregnant. What now? We can’t possibly travel with a newborn. I mean, we can, but we decided that we should behave more responsibly in order to give our child a perfect home that it deserves.

Searching for a paradise not only for us but for children as well

We sat down and each wrote down all countries we had already visited. Without reading the other part, we ordered the list by personal preference. We both suspected what would the other chose so we just smiled at each other. There was no doubt that it won’t be the United States. Not because we wouldn’t love our home country or wouldn’t feel that we belonged there, no, we have both been fascinated by diversity, wild colors, and the beauty of Asia. But which Asian country would win?

Thailand. Somewhere near the sea. Pattaya. Yes, this location held second place on my list and first on my husband’s. When he asked why it wasn’t first I simply replied that Pattaya, as I know it, is a living and bustling city. Is it a good choice for children? “Luckily, Pattaya has many parts”, my husband replied. We sat down to our computer and found East Pattaya Real Estate. We got in touch with them to explain our situation. They were nice and really helpful as they prepared several condos for us to visit in order to find the best solution. We booked our flight tickets and started rejoicing.

After arrival, we went many offers prepared by Pattaya Real estate. Ultimately, East Pattaya was suggested as the best match. Why?

East Pattaya and Mabprachanlake

East Pattaya used to be a forgotten part of busy Pattaya, sometimes even called “the Darkside”. Currently, East Pattaya still belongs to the more calm areas, hidden from the big rush from Pattaya but at the same time offering everything one can need for an active life. It is also a great place for families with children.

Due to our agreement to plan our new life in the Pattaya area, we were interested in everything that could possibly affect our life when our children would grow older. We were happy to find out that East Pattaya has an easy access to several highways and to the Bangkok Motorway so it is easy for children to attend great international schools that are nearby.

Photos of Mabrachan Lake, East Pattaya

Another plus points were shops with everything necessary nearby and, of course, restaurants where we could feast on fresh fish prepared in Thai way which we simply adore.

Should we wanted to get some great night life action we can just hire a baby sitter and head straight for the Pattaya downtown that is just a stone’s throw away.

We found our new home!

I simply couldn’t wait for our first walk with a baby stroller around the Mabprachan Lake. I made puppy dog eyes for my husband and soon, we drove to bigger East Pattaya condominium with our real estate agent. It was a spacious, 3 bedroom condo with a great kitchen. I utterly fell in love with our East Pattaya condo and the price was just perfect as well! The agent wanted to show us other condos for sale in East Pattaya but I already made my mind.

We surely don’t regret!

Each time we return from a visit to the USA to our East Pattaya condominium, we are happy. In the end, we were blessed with twins that share our love for Thailand. We also love working with a gorgeous lake view (we are both freelancers) and my husband even starts some interesting projects with locals. We are all happy for choosing this way.

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