Trips to Krakow – help with the organisation


Krakow brings together plenty of tourists – students and grown-ups. How to find a good accommodation spot and organise an amazing trip?

Organisation of a trip to Krakow

First of all, we should think about what we want to see and check the time to get there. It should be done carefully, so the programme wouldn’t be loaded. If we travel with youth or children, we should make sure that the programme is diverse. If we wish to visit Wawel Castle and the Old Twon in the morning we should plan something more ‘fun’ for the evening. For that we recommend Aqua Park. If we travel with friends and one feels more like going to opera than swim in an Aqua Park – there is no problem with separating and meet later in a nice cafe.


The other issue with planning a trip is transport. There is no point of hiding that during the highlight of school trips Krakow can be crowded and blocked by cars standing in traffic. Sure, we can find a parking spot outside of the city centre, but it is not comfortable nor economic option. It is much easier to get here by train or by bus.

Accommodation for groups

Accommodation for groups in Krakow should be situated as close to the attractions we want to visit as possible – so, probably the Old Town. It brings comfort and saves time on travels (and money) and allows us to spend an evening in Krakow’s cafes, a walk through the Main Square by night and go to clubs without the fear of a way of getting back to the hostel. More information Youcan find here:

Support in trip organisation

How about a hostel that will help you organise the entire trip? Except the accommodation it will also help you organise other things? Draggo House by Gołębia street in the Old Town works together with many other firms and organisations. I’ve been working with them for a long time now, and I vow for a high standard of service. How can the staff of a hostel help you?

Their team will take care of reservations for groups for:

  • Museum entrances and discounts
  • Meal reservation taking into account all the special diets (vegetarians, allergies)
  • Transport organisation

Everything is controlled by the reservation coordinator who is assigned to one group which wishes to stay in a hostel in Krakow. You should not worry about the price – it is acceptable and much better than any other hotel in this localisation. The group doesn’t have to be big –10 people is enough.

What is important while making a reservation in a hostel – you choose whether you wish to stay in a single, double or multiple room. Each room is renovated, has a separate bathroom, lockers, charging docks, Wi-Fi, common rooms and Smart TV.

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