Plan your Manileño vacation – Visit Manila


Tourism and tourists, both make up for the vibe and culture of life in Manila. All the wanderlust out there, Manila should be your next destination. You can explore the rich culture and hospitality of the city with the national parks and museums. Manila offers a huge number of shopping centers as a tourist attraction for antiques, and souvenirs. You will need to plan in advance to get the most of your Manileno vacation. The first and foremost thing you need to do is buy air tickets to Manila. For this, look for the ticket prices and compare them with airlines.

For any trip to be hassle-free and pocket-friendly you need to plan your stay and expenses beforehand. You can choose from a range of hotels, Airbnb, and hostels to have the most comfortable trip to Manila. Enjoy your trip with the cozy cafes and lounges in the daytime. You can see the lively and colorful nightlife of the city.

Plan day to day visits

Manila is most famous for its nightlife in Baywalk and the Remedios. You can plan to see other locations in the daytime. Manila zoo is famous too among the tourists being one of the oldest zoos. Additionally, you can see some neoclassical architectural pieces like Escolta Museum.

Here is a list of places that you should visit at least once.

Malacanang Palace

This is a 175-year-old palace which is the official residence of the president. You will have to visit San Miguel to explore the palace. The palace has been remodeled and rebuilt over the past years.

Taal Volcano Lake

The scenic Taal Volcano Lake is a must-see when you are on your Manileno vacation. This is the smallest lake in the world. It makes the site even more enchanting to the tourists. Historically, the volcano has erupted 33 times in the past. The year 1965 saw the last eruption.

Tagaytay Ridge

Tagaytay is the most popular tourist attraction. It is located 2.5 hours away from the south of Manila. If you want to get away from the crowd and heat,then Tagaytay is a must-visit location. Situated on a high altitude the climate is pleasantly cool and a great scenic escape. You can reach Tagaytay ridge via Aguinaldo Highway.

Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island has a historical significance to the city. The site is famous for the battle of WWII. You can relive the history and events that shaped the world war outcomes. Don’t miss out on visiting the Malinta tunnel.

Rizal Park

One other famous location to visit is the 58-hectare park also known as Luneta Park. Rizal Park has the memorial of Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal at the center of the park.

Manila Ocean Park

You need to save a whole day to visit the Manila Ocean Park and see all its attractions. The Oceanarium has over 14,000 aquatic animals making it the biggest in the world. If you are someone who would love to see animal shows, then this place is a must-visit for you. It offers fascinating animal shows like Penguin shows and Sea Lion shows for the visitors.


You can plan a day to visit various museums in Manila. The National Museum of the Filipino People is full of pre-Hispanic artifacts. The museum is situated in a neoclassical building showcasing the art pieces collected across the Philippines. One other must-see location is the Marikina Shoe Museum which is famous for 800 pairs of shoes on display. For a more modern museum, you can visit the Ayala Museum that has a great collection of pre-Hispanic gold artifacts.

The art lovers can take a walk along The National Gallery of Art to be stunned by modern art. You should definitely visit the Metropolitan Museum of Manila for more contemporary works. The museums have some of the breathtakingly beautiful collections and quarterly shows being organized.

Manila is the most warm and welcoming place for tourists with helpful locals all around. The local cuisine and street shopping will steal your heart. You should plan on visiting Manila once in a lifetime. If you book tickets in advance you can get the most affordable deal in round trip tickets. Next all you need to do is pack your bags and grab your passport.

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